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Indie Can Group

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Equipment Use

1.  Equipment is to be used by members on a 2 weeks rotation basis. Two weeks notice must be given.

2.  You will need to get insurance to cover the cost of the equipment leaving the premises.  If you choose not to get insurance, a refundable damage / theft deposit will be required.

3.  Once the equipment leaves our premises you will be responsible for any damage or theft. 

A Note from the owners of the group

By becoming a member of the Indie Can Group your membership fee will be paid back many times over.  For example, if you belong to a government funded group your first year member fee is $150.  Now you need equipment to go out and shoot your movie.  The average gear will cost you $170 per day plus GST.  One week rental will cost you $510 (based on a 3 day rental fee); 2 weeks will cost $1020.  You do the math.

Let's say you are making a feature or a documentary and you use the equipment for a month or so.  Think of the cost to you by going to the other government funded places or rental houses.

At the Indie Can Group there is only the membership fee and that's it.  Think of the savings.  You do the math. 

Let's say you are new to the game or just out of film school.  You are thinking of making a where do you go from there.  First you need a camera.  You think rental is to expensive and you are throwing good money out the door.  So you decide to buy your own camera.  It'll cost you between $3500 to $5000, if not more and this does not include batteries, lights, boom mic, sound mixer, tripods, stands etc.  Now you are ready and nothing is going to stop you but even before you shoot your first frame it has already cost you $10,000 and that's not including tapes and editing.  So where do you go from there to get the rest of the money to complete your movie???  A one year pre paid membership with the Indie Can Group will cost you $900 plus GST.  Just think of how many movies you could make.  Do the math.

That's why we started the Indie Can Group.  To support the great pool of canadian talent that's out there and to eliminate the frustration of never having enough money to make a good canadian indie movie.

Be different, be strong and never give up the dream.

The Indie Can Group